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  1. Change your default password to your personal password by clicking Member’s Info, click Update member password, then follow the instructions. Please don’t forget your new password, request to default password will be charged at P50.00
  2. For pay-out: click eWallet Transfer, then transfer fund to 1000000 account of GREENPASTURES.
  3. Weekly cut-off for eWallet transfer for pay-out is every Tuesday at 12midnight. Pay-out will be claimed through RCBC My wallet ATM. For those who don’t have the said ATM, please be advised to open an ATM Account at you nearest RCBC branch with a minimal fee.
  4. For ABCs, who opt to purchase products using eWallet and eGC, please be reminded to transfer your eWallet or eGC to 1000001 account of GREENPASTURES.
  5. Use your eGC to buy products from your local ABC, transfer eGC to the respective ABCs account number, please inform the ABC Owner before performing the said transaction.